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Theth: Most Beautiful Mountain Village in Albania


Discover beautiful Theth, a traditional village that sits deep at the heart of the Albanian Alps. Situated at the end of a winding mountain road, Theth is home to just a few houses surrounded by looming mountain peaks and meadows full of wildflowers. Watch slow village life unfold, wander the roads with the hillside cows, and enjoy some of the most incredible hikes. Find out all you need to know about visiting Theth, Albania!

Things to do in Theth, Albania

Welcome to Theth—a quaint mountain village and one of the best places to visit in all of Albania! The landscape here rivals one you’d find in the Swiss Alps; the dramatic peaks of the Accursed Mountains look over the town and green fields filled with cows and goats.

Tip: The people in the village are lovely and will be very accommodating to help you with anything. You might not be able to speak Albanian, but Google Translate will help you along the way (not a problem, as Albania has the fastest internet in Europe!)

1. Theth Village Life

Local life is very traditional in Theth, and you’ll still see the farmers herding sheep and cows along the remote roads.

Within the village itself, you’ll find one long street that hugs the riverside with sweet houses, guesthouses, and campsites (with good facilities). There’s also a beautiful church close to the edge of town that has some of the best views we’ve ever seen!

The road to Theth, Albania

These days, it’s really easy to access Theth, as the road is newly paved (the road reopened in 2022). Until recently, there was no paved road to Theth, and you could only reach the village by 4×4.

Now you can arrive in a normal car, as although the road is narrow, it’s perfectly safe and smooth. Along the way, you’ll have incredible viewpoints, particularly on the last hour of the trip from Shkoder.

2. Valbonë Pass Hike

Aside from the charming village, the area is famous for the Valbonë Pass hike, a long walk through the mountains, and one of the most rewarding and beautiful parts of any Albania itinerary. The hike moves up through the mountains, passing through forests, grasslands, bubbling streams, and meadows full of flowers and boulders.

3. Hike to Theth Waterfall

Just 45 minutes from Theth village is the beautiful Grunasi Waterfall, a huge 25-meter-high cascade that falls from a dramatic limestone cliff. It’s a 45-minute walk each way that crosses rocky paths and follows along the mountain river before heading up into the woods. As you go, discover wonderful views out across the mountain peaks—this is nature at its finest!

4. Discover the Blue Eye of Theth, Albania

You may have heard of the popular Sarande Blue Eye, but Theth also has its very own Blue Eye. The Blue Eye near Theth (Syri i Kaltër in Albanian) is a deep water pool set deep within limestone rock.

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