US Soldiers Join Task Force South: Strengthening Ties with Albania


Have you caught the latest news about Albania military? American soldiers have just joined a group called Task Force South. This group includes soldiers from Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. And now, with our American friends on board, it’s a complete team.

The reason they’re all together? A training program called Defender23. This training helps all these different soldiers work better together, and to be ready for anything. It’s an important way for our countries to help each other and to keep everyone safe.

The addition of American soldiers to this group is a big deal. It shows that the United States is ready to work closely with Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. The fact that they’re there, training with Albanian soldiers, is a strong sign of support.

This is also an exciting time for us Albanian-Americans. Seeing soldiers from the United States and our home country working side-by-side is a powerful reminder of the connection between these two places we hold dear.

We’re excited to see how this team, Task Force South, will grow and learn together. With these nations united in Defender23, the future looks promising! 🇦🇱🇺🇸🇽🇰🇲🇰/Atlantiku

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