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Garland Police Department Honors Avdi Krasniqi and Sali’s Pizza & Pasta


Garland, TX – The Garland Police Department recently expressed their appreciation to Avdi Krasniqi, the owner of Sali’s Pizza & Pasta on Belt Line Road, North Garland. The local pizza place has become a favorite spot for police officers, not only for its delicious food but also for the unwavering support that Krasniqi has shown to the law enforcement community over the years.

The Garland Police Department commended Avdi Krasniqi for his outstanding contributions and dedication to the Albanian-American community in Texas. Throughout the years, Krasniqi has actively supported his fellow Albanians, providing job opportunities, and contributing to various charitable endeavors, including the Kosovo conflict.

The gesture from the Garland Police Department serves as a heartwarming example of community unity and mutual respect. Officers showing their support for a local business owner who has wholeheartedly supported them highlights the essence of a harmonious community.

Sali’s Pizza & Pasta has not only become a culinary favorite for law enforcement officers but also a symbol of solidarity and appreciation for Avdi Krasniqi’s commitment to fostering a close-knit community. The mutual support between the Garland Police Department and Sali’s Pizza & Pasta demonstrates the power of cooperation and understanding within a diverse community.

Both the Albanian-American community and the Garland Police Department extend their gratitude to Avdi Krasniqi for his exceptional dedication and selflessness. The recognition from the local police and the city of Garland for his 40 years of service further solidifies his esteemed position within the community.

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