Aulonë Nuhiu and Fatmir Smani Shine at Alvin Ailey Theater in New York


Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports of Kosovo, Hajrullah Çeku, proudly heralded the remarkable achievements of Kosovo’s National Ballet dancers, Aulonë Nuhiu and Fatmir Smani, on their awe-inspiring performance at the renowned “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater” in Manhattan, New York. This extraordinary accomplishment not only reflects the exceptional talent within our artistic community but also serves as an inspiring testament to the boundless potential of our artists.

The success of Aulonë Nuhiu and Fatmir Smani has not only brought pride to Kosovo but has also showcased the cultural richness and artistic prowess of our nation on a global stage. Their outstanding performance in one of the world’s most prestigious dance theaters is a testament to the dedication and hard work of these talented artists. Minister Çeku expresses his admiration for their achievements and emphasizes how their accomplishments serve as a source of motivation for all, encouraging the nurturing and support of Kosovo’s burgeoning talent in the realm of arts and culture.

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