The former American Congressman of Arberesh origin turns 82 years old


On September 20, 1940, in the Bronx of New York was born Joseph DioGuardi. He graduated with honors in 1962. His father, who emigrated to America in 1929, was an Albanian born in the province of Greci near Naples, the oldest Albanian-speaking village in Italy. His mother was a first-generation Italian-American who emigrated to New York in 1910. J. Dioguardi and his wife Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi are the leaders of the most powerful Albanian lobby in the United States, ardent and staunch defenders of the national and human rights of Albanians in Kosova, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Chameria. The first Albanian-American elected to the American Congress, who through a Congress Resolution sponsored by him put on the agenda the first session of the Congress for Kosova in 1987, where for the first time he exposed Serbian barbarism against defenseless Albanians

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