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The 17-year-old from Kosovo is recruited by the US Air Force


Jon Musliu has achieved a great success by qualifying as the only Kosovo candidate for studies at the United States Air Force Academy. This achievement did not happen overnight, but was the result of a long-term commitment and dedication.

As a child, Jon developed a passion for aviation when he joined the Aviation Club “Kastrioti” in Ferizaj. He constructed a parachute from plastic plates and hung a picture of himself under the thin parachute cords, giving the impression that he was flying. This was just a child’s game that few people thought could become a reality, and maybe even Jon himself thought it was just a dream without knowing that one day it would come true.

Jon had the opportunity to meet with paragliders, skydivers, and even his idol, the pilot Ali Aliu, while attending the Aviation Club “Kastrioti.” Although he did not find what he was looking for due to the negligence of those leading the club with a tradition of over seventy years, Jon participated in the “AIRGJIRO 2019” air show at the sports airport in Gjirokastra in the name of the aeroclub, directing the ARC model airplane on October 5, 2019, under the supervision of instructor Shkelqim Duraj from Shkodra.

Jon has achieved many successes, which speak for themselves. Since this is not the end of his journey, we hope that his successes will be even greater, based on his childhood abilities when he was declared a child with exceptional intelligence in an international competition!

What delights us the most is that Jon has never spoken about learning English to leave Kosovo, but this has now served him well in order to study abroad with the aim of contributing to the Kosovo Army by protecting its airspace, fulfilling his dream of flying and serving his country.

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Ferizaj Club

very proud of you !!!



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