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Albanian-American Lawyer Edit Shkreli Runs for Civil Court Judge in NY


Edit Shkreli is an accomplished Albanian-American lawyer who has made history by being the first Albanian American on the ballot for Civil Court Judge in New York. She has had a successful career as an attorney and has achieved much in the field and beyond.

Shkreli currently works as an associate attorney at the Eddie J. McShan Supreme Court in New York.

Shkreli received her Juris Doctor degree from the New York Law School, graduating with honors in 2011. She credits her success to her high school, Saint Barnabas, which she attended as a proud Albanian-American student. She says that the school provided her with a nurturing environment, encouraged her at every step, and instilled in her a sense of community and service.

Shkreli’s candidacy for Civil Court Judge is a significant achievement for the Albanian-American community in New York. She represents the growing influence of the Albanian-American community in the legal profession and in politics.

Shkreli’s campaign promises to focus on promoting justice and fairness in the legal system, particularly for underserved communities. Her background as an immigrant and an Albanian-American makes her uniquely qualified to bring a diverse perspective to the bench and advocate for the rights of all people.

It is important to note that the date of the election for Civil Court Judge in New York, which includes Edit Shkreli as a candidate, is on June 27, 2023. It is a crucial date for the Albanian-American community and for those who believe in promoting justice and fairness in the legal system. We encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote and support candidates like Edit Shkreli who are committed to making a positive impact in their communities./Atlantiku

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