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Albanian-American Artist Adem Dalipi Wears Albanian Flag Shawl at Graduation Ceremony


Adem Dalipi, an Albanian-American artist, recently graduated from Northern Illinois, marking a significant milestone in his academic journey. Born and raised in the United States, Dalipi has always been proud of his Albanian heritage. During his graduation ceremony, he made a powerful statement by draping himself in the Albanian flag.

In the photos shared on social media, Dalipi can be seen proudly wearing the flag shawl while surrounded by his family. He expressed his gratitude to them for their unwavering support throughout his academic and artistic pursuits.

Although Dalipi completed his studies a year earlier, he emphasized that the memories created during this time were some of the best, for which he will always be grateful. His parents, originally from Kërçovë, North Macedonia, relocated to the United States, where Adem was born and raised.

Despite being born and raised in America, Dalipi has always remained connected to his Albanian roots. In an interview with KultPlus, he mentioned the challenges he faced growing up and the efforts he and his family made to stay connected to their culture.

“Growing up in America wasn’t always easy for me and my family. My parents would take my brother and me back to Albania every summer to visit family and learn more about our village and our culture. Although I faced many misunderstandings because of my name, my cultural background was different, as we were actively involved in the Albanian community surrounding us” he explained.

Dalipi’s talent for music was evident from a young age. Recognized by his teacher in third grade, he was encouraged to pursue his passion for music. Starting with the guitar, he eventually expanded his skills to include singing and learning other instruments.

“I started writing my own music when I was 11 years old. My parents weren’t initially involved in music, so it was a bit challenging for me. However, as they began to see my dedication, they started to support me. Together, we found opportunities to connect with people in the industry” he shared.

One of the significant opportunities that came his way was an audition for “American Idol.” In the summer of 2018, shortly after recording sessions in Toronto, Canada, he was invited to audition by a producer from “American Idol.” At just 15 years old, he received the golden ticket from a jury consisting of famous singers such as Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

“After that, I also went to ‘Hollywood Week.’ This experience gave me great confidence that I would be a serious artist in the future, and it will help me make new connections in the music industry” he continued.

Adem Dalipi’s journey as an artist has only just begun, and his graduation marks the start of an exciting new chapter in his life and career.

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