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TEA: Discover Albania’s Tourism Events with Thousands Already Downloading!


After an exciting teasing campaign, Tourism Events of Albanmima arrived and amazed everyone. The first (and currently only) application created for the tourism events calendar in Albania has attracted the interest and curiosity of tourists from the early days. This is evident from the thousands of early downloads in a short amount of time. This good news was shared yesterday by Zana Çela, the director of the National Tourism Agency, on Rudina Magjistari’s program.

The performance of the application promises a highly optimistic scenario, as indicated by the initial data. The TEA application, available on both the Play Store and the App Store, has so far garnered 2,632 downloads on Android and 3,267 downloads on iOS, totaling 5,899 downloads. Out of these, 3,578 downloads are from Albania, 450 from Italy, 324 from the United States, 314 from Germany, and 276 from the United Kingdom. “If we compare these figures to the creation and functioning of similar applications, such numbers are typically achieved within an average of 40 days, while TEA has achieved it in just two weeks,” said Çela.

In addition to the numbers, the map of downloads is also interesting. The app has been downloaded from countries such as Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Denmark, and the Netherlands. These data indicate that both local and foreign tourists have shown great interest in cultural events that will take place during their vacations in Albania.

The calendar includes 1,110 different activities and events divided into 28 categories, with 10 main categories and 18 subcategories. These range from traditional village festivals to national and international events in cities. There are events related to agrotourism, cuisine, theater, cinema, multi-art events, and various sports, including extreme sports. A wide range of events is held throughout the year, not just in the summer season.

In addition to enjoying nature, mountains, the sea, and culinary experiences, thanks to TEA, tourists will also be able to enjoy cultural and artistic events, making the most of their vacations. Each event within the application will have its dedicated page with detailed information, and users will be notified when their preferred event approaches.

TEA also has several other useful buttons to enhance user experience. With just one tap, the “Location” button will guide them to the venue. The “Calendar” button saves the event in the user’s personal calendar, ensuring they don’t miss any events due to forgetfulness. And for those who want to share the excitement brought by tourism events, the “Share” button allows users to easily spread the word to their friends and families.

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