Boga, the miracle of Kosovo


Boga is probably the most touristic village during the winter in the Dukagjin Plain. It is also one of the most visited places in other seasons. Boga is located between the mountains of Rugova and is one of the most beautiful places in Kosovo to enjoy the snow

Kosovo is rich in natural beauty. From East to West. From spring to winter. Boga is a touristic place that offers you a vacation in every season of the year, but it definitely reserves the most beautiful for winter. So our team decided to visit this place without hesitation, and we did not regret it at all, we were even impressed by the beauties that this tourist village offers. From Pristina to Bogë, it is about 120 km, or 30 km from the city of Peja, while in 2 hours from the Kosovar capital, you can reach the much visited and much sought after village. There are already different offers from tourist companies and for 10 euros you can go to this village.

Among the most beautiful and unique villages

Boga is located between the mountains of Rugova and is one of the most beautiful places in Kosovo to enjoy the snow. Boga gives you a friendly feeling and almost all the facilities of this center are located in a common place. It also offers a stretch close to the cable cars, which are located near beautiful wooden houses, to spend a pleasant weekend. In the village there is a ski track with modern parameters, where even beginners in this type of sport can have fun. A good job has been done here to absorb winter tourism through communication and accommodation routes. Boga is probably the most touristic village during the winter in the Dukagjin Plain. It is also one of the most visited places in other seasons, while the altitude is 1500 meters. The climate, the mountains, the atmosphere and the environment that surrounds you in Boga are wonderful, so you should not miss the chance to visit. Rugovian tradition and hospitality are another special feature of this country, where 100% Albanian is breathed.

Many visitors

Getting to Boga is not a problem at all. In recent years, a lot has been invested and the roads have been cleaned. Our two hour journey ends and fatigue is replaced by relaxation. Since the morning you see many different visitors. Here you can find different lodges to live in, on the plains and on the peaks. Most of the lodges are built of pine wood, but some are also traditional towers. There are also villas and hotels. Prices are different. In lodges, prices are from 20 euros per person, while in hotels they are from 30 and more, including breakfast, while prices in villas are around 40 euros. Years ago there was no interest from anyone in this area, but in recent years, many villas, hotels and houses have been built. Currently, the constructions have stopped, while the price of the land has increased significantly. But if you stay in this village, you realize how healthy life is here. Boga is not a big village and has few inhabitants, but there are many tourists, and their number is increasing every day.

Everyone can ski

Skiing competitions are also held in Boga, and the track is also accepted by the International Skiing Federation. But in Bogë, everyone can ski, from children to the elderly, and this is the uniqueness of this village. As soon as you arrive, you see many children ‘driving’ their sleds, but others are not indifferent either and everyone can have fun in their own way.

A resident tells us about the winter season. “There is often snow here until April or May. It is a place that is surrounded by mountains and the snow does not melt easily. Therefore, the winter season lasts a long time”, he says. Among the many tourists, there are many from Albania. “We like snow, as there is no snow in Albania. Everything is beautiful here. It is a magnificent place”, says a lady, who is accompanied by two little girls.

Even professional skiers have Boga as their favorite place. “I like the mountains and everything around. Everything here breathes Albanian. I often go to Brezovica and finally I had the chance to come here as well. I will come again”, says one of them. And, unlike Brezovica, Boga has invested more and has no political problems. The ski lift works without a problem, and you can use it for the whole day for 10 euros. Skiing lessons are also offered for five euros.

Hotel “Magra Austria” is the largest in all of Rugova and offers various offers. It even has a swimming pool inside it. The number of tourists has increased in recent years, and visitors to sleep must definitely book, even a week or two in advance. Life in Boga does not stop even at night, where for fans of extreme sports they can ride motorcycles at night on the track, without being disturbed by anyone. The view at night is wonderful. A small and fabulous village. A beauty to be enjoyed. An adventure that must be experienced.

Rugova, National Park

Boga is located between the mountains of Rugova. Rugova is the third region of Bjeshkov

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