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Rita Ora Receives Warm Welcome from Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti on Her Birthday


Albanian-born global music sensation Rita Ora, in Pristina to mark her 33rd birthday, was warmly received by Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti. The Prime Minister praised Ora for achieving international acclaim while staying true to her Albanian roots and culture.

In a Twitter post, Prime Minister Kurti acknowledged Ora’s success, stating, “Rita Ora has reached the highest peaks of success and recognition worldwide, always honoring her roots and culture in her homeland.” He expressed gratitude for hosting Ora and her husband Taika Waititi on this special occasion, emphasizing the boundless impact of art across Kosovo, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

The encounter highlights the intersection of cultural pride and global success, showcasing Ora’s inspirational journey as a testament to the harmonious blend of heritage and international achievement. Kosovo celebrates Ora’s contribution as she continues to shine on the global stage.

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