Albanian-American Association of Ulqin Raises $300,000 for Humanitarian Initiatives


The Albanian-American Association of Ulqin has successfully facilitated $300,000 in donations and contributions for their humanitarian initiatives. This significant achievement showcases their dedication to bringing the community together through cultural events and providing assistance to those in need, both locally in Ulqin and wherever Albanians require support.

From the outset, the association’s mission has encompassed two primary goals. Firstly, they aim to unite the community through engaging cultural events and initiatives. Additionally, they operate Mëso Shqip, a prestigious school where they collaborate with other esteemed associations like Shoqata “Kraja” and “Ana Malit.” These partnerships ensure a comprehensive approach to addressing the community’s needs and foster a sense of unity and support among Albanian-Americans.

Transparency is a fundamental value for the Albanian-American Association of Ulqin. Through active engagement on various social media platforms, they have diligently kept the community informed about their activities. This commitment to transparency underscores their gratitude for the trust and belief that the community has placed in them.

The association’s initiatives align with the dreams and aspirations of their community. By facilitating events and initiatives, they invite the community to participate in acts of goodwill and benevolence. The Albanian-American community has consistently displayed a genuine and generous spirit, eager to support their fellow community members both locally and internationally. The association takes pride in their ability to facilitate and channel these philanthropic efforts for the benefit of all.

The Albanian-American Association of Ulqin extends their deepest gratitude to the community for their unwavering support. Without the trust and support of community members, this ambitious endeavor would not have been possible. Atlantiku congratulates the association on their success and encourages continued support for their noble mission.

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