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The emigrant returns to his birthplace and saves a cultural monument in Albania


The “Revitalization Bonus” is one of the government’s major projects, which has so far benefited 40 applicants whose properties are undergoing restoration.

The Minister of Culture, Elva Margariti, shared today on social networks the story of an immigrant from Gjirokastra, who is the beneficiary of this bonus, thanks to which he transformed a very depreciated building into a guesthouse.

“After years in emigration, Mariglen Ligu returned to the country of her birth and invested in the tourism sector. With the support of the Revitalization Bonus, he managed to save a building, cultural monument, category II, in Gjirokastër, turning it into a hostel”, writes Margariti.

The Rehabilitation Bonus not only protects our cultural and historical heritage, but above all supports families and helps citizens by offering them better living conditions in their homes through housing restoration.

This project will continue throughout the year 2023, with an additional fund of 50% of the current one

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