On June 3rd one of the streets in Staten Island will be named Ismail Qemali


A wonderful cultural news for the Albanian diaspora in the USA! On June 3rd, one of the streets in Staten Island will be named “Ismail Qemali”.

In coordination with the Municipal Council and the New York State Parliament, the “Ulqini” Association has received the green light to organize the street naming ceremony in honor of the founder and first prime minister of Albania, Ismail Qemali. High-ranking officials from the American state will also participate in the ceremony.

This announcement brings great joy to the Albanian community in the United States, particularly those residing in Staten Island. The decision to name a street after Ismail Qemali is a significant tribute to his contribution to Albanian history and culture.

Ismail Qemali was a prominent leader during the Albanian National Awakening period in the early 20th century. He played a crucial role in the country’s independence from the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the Albanian state in 1912. Qemali’s legacy as a statesman and visionary leader is widely recognized and celebrated by Albanians worldwide.

This street naming ceremony is not only a recognition of Ismail Qemali’s legacy but also a celebration of the Albanian diaspora’s contribution to American society. Albanian-Americans have been an integral part of the fabric of American society for over a century, and their contributions have been invaluable.

The Ulqini Association’s initiative to organize this ceremony is a testament to the strength of the Albanian diaspora’s connection to their homeland and their determination to preserve and promote their culture and heritage.

The street naming ceremony in honor of Ismail Qemali is a remarkable event for the Albanian diaspora in the USA. It is a momentous occasion that recognizes the contributions of one of Albania’s most distinguished leaders and celebrates the Albanian community’s rich cultural heritage in America.

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