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Mayor of NYC Eric Adams Visits Albanian Islamic Cultural Center During Ramadan


The Mayor of the bustling city of New York, Eric Adams, graced the holy month of Ramadan with his presence, meeting with devout Muslim believers in the area.

Adams made a visit to the Albanian Islamic Cultural Center, where he had the pleasure of meeting the esteemed Imam Tahir Kukaj, Imam Ferid Bedrolli, and Imam Zurkani Vardar, the founding father and chairman of the revered mosque.

“The sanctity of this moment is not lost on us in this great nation of ours. We celebrate Ramadan, Easter, and it’s a time when we all come together in unity,” said Adams, in awe of the spiritual significance of the occasion.

“The Albanian community is a beacon of solidarity, whose values, like mine, are rooted in public safety, education, small businesses, family, and prayer. Irrespective of the opinions of naysayers, the power of prayer shall not be underestimated,” he declared, paying tribute to the strength of the community’s convictions.

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