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Kosovo Artist Aims for Another Guinness Record with World’s Largest Origami Mosaic of National Flag


Kosovo artist Arbnora Fejza Idrizi is on a mission to break another world record. In celebration of the November 28-29 holidays, she has created a mosaic composed of 120,000 origami pieces depicting the national flag. Constructed in the Kosovo city of Skënderaj, the mosaic spans an impressive 1,300 square meters.

With today’s installation, Arbnora Fejza Idrizi hopes to secure a place in the Guinness World Records for creating the largest origami mosaic globally. It’s worth noting that Arbnora had previously earned a spot in the Guinness World Records for crafting the world’s largest origami mosaic featuring the flag of Kosovo.

This latest artistic endeavor is a testament to Arbnora’s dedication to pushing creative boundaries and showcasing Kosovo’s national pride on an international stage. The mosaic not only serves as a stunning visual representation of the national flag but also stands as a symbol of artistic innovation and achievement. As the artist vies for another Guinness World Record, her work continues to captivate audiences and contribute to Kosovo’s presence in the global artistic landscape.

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