Book Promotion Event Sheds Light on Serbian Genocide on Albanians in Dallas, Texas


On April 24, 2023, a book promotion event was held in Dallas, Texas, focusing on the subject of Serbian genocide on Albanians from 1844-1999. The event aimed to raise awareness about the atrocities committed against the Albanian people by the Serbian regime during that period. The promotion featured several books on the topic, including works authored by Nusret Pllana, Agim Aliçkaj, and Hanëmshahe Ilazi.

The event was made possible through the efforts of the Albanian-American community, who were praised and thanked for their successful organization. The books shed light on the tragic history of the Albanian people and serve as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and understanding the past to build a better future.

Through these publications, the hope is that more people will become aware of the struggles of the Albanian people and work towards promoting peace and understanding between different cultures and communities. The publications serve as a reminder of the importance of understanding the past to promote peace and understanding in the present and future.

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