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William Gregory: A Retired Albanian-American Astronaut


Born in Lockport, New York on May 14, 1957, William Gregory’s Albanian roots trace back to the village of Dardhë in Korçë. Gregory’s stellar journey began with an engineering degree from the Air Force Academy and two doctorates from Columbia University, equipping him with the skills to later conquer the skies.

Between 1981 – 1986, Gregory piloted the FL11, eventually becoming an instructor for the British Air Force. His command over more than 40 types of aircraft, combined with over 5000 flying hours, led to his selection by NASA in January 1990.

Gregory’s crowning achievement was the successful space flight of Shuttle STS-67 in March 1995. His record-setting 16-day voyage included 262 trips around Earth, covering over 11 million km in space. This space expedition, along with his extensive flight experience, is a testament to Gregory’s remarkable career.

Currently contributing to business development in Arizona, Gregory remains a beacon of Albanian-American pride. Alongside Alan Shepard, Gregory’s legacy is immortalized in the Museum of National History, forever inspiring the Albanian community and beyond. The commitment to his heritage is vividly captured in a cherished family photo, featuring Gregory, his wife, and two daughters adorned with the Albanian flag and traditional outfits, celebrating their proud ancestry.

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