The first Albanian-American pilot, this was her role during the NATO intervention in Kosovo


With her plane, she bombarded and powered NATO planes while they were carrying out the intervention on Serbian targets in Kosovo. This is Faruza Kallaba, the first Albanian-American who, for 78 days of intervention, had a very important role.

She is proud of this difficult mission she had. According to her, in that way she was helping her father’s homeland.

Faruza Kallaba was born in Damascus, Syria, to an Albanian father, Haki Kallaba from Kamenica, and a Ukrainian mother, Ana Senkiewicz.

She and her family had moved from Arabia to Chicago in the United States of America, where they still live today.

She is a 1989 graduate of the University of Illinois Military Academy and was the first female crew member of the Illinois Air National Guard since 1984.

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