The Albanian who left America to return to Kosovo goes viral with Food Reviews


The United States of America can be a dream destination for many Albanians. However, Semir Sadiku made another decision. After living for 11 years in America, he grabbed the opportunity to work in Kosovo without thinking twice. This is because returning to his homeland had always been his goal.

And in a story for Atlantiku, Sadiku recounts his work in one of the restaurants in America, which influenced food to become his passion, for which he constantly evaluates the food in Kosovo.

“Like any other immigrant, from the first day I went to the USA I dreamed of one day returning to my homeland, and after I got an opportunity to work for an American company in Kosovo, without thinking twice I accepted the job, I left everything in New York, took my family and returned to our beautiful Kosovo,” says Semir Sadiku for Atlantiku.

In addition to being engaged in an American company in Kosovo, Sadiku is still very active in social media. Through them he makes food reviews, often comparing them with those in the United States of America. However, what is Semir’s connection with the kitchen and food?

“In 2017, I had the chance to meet Joe Bastianich, one of the biggest restaurateurs in America, in Manhattan, and I am very lucky to have worked for almost 5 years in one of his restaurants, from him I learned many things, many cooking techniques, interesting dishes, foods that I had never seen before, and at the same time I learned from him how to describe a dish (food) or how to write a review,” he says.

According to Sadik, the evaluation of foods is very important and this is especially increasing with the use of social networks, where most citizens look at food reviews before going to consume them.

“While with my food reviews I try to tell my audience, where I have over 20 thousand followers, what is worth eating, and also inspire them to try some other foods that are not very common famous” says Sadiku.

Since he has also worked in the USA, Sadiku says that restaurants in Kosovo lack service, since the main focus is only on the decor.

According to him, Albanians from America can help Kosovo by investing in businesses that bring the American spirit of food to Kosovo.

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