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The 110th anniversary of the birth of Sabiha Kasimati, the scientist who was shot by the communist regime


Today, we commemorate the 110th anniversary of the birth of Sabiha Kasimati (1912-1951). Biologist, scientific worker. She was born in Edrene (Adrianopole) of European Turkey, in a family from Libohova. Sabiha Kasimati (15 September 1912 – 26 February 1951) was an Albanian professor of biology and ichthyologist, cited as one of the first women scientists in Albania.

In 1927, she returned to her homeland with her family, settled in Korça, and graduated from the National High School. She worked as a teacher in the female school in Korça and in the American agricultural secondary school in Kavaja (1931-1936). In 1936, she began higher studies in biology (ichthyology branch) at the University of Turin. In 1941, she defended his doctorate and returned to her homeland. She worked as a biology teacher at the “Queen Mother” Female Institute in Tirana (1941-1945).

During 1945, she stayed for treatment in Turin. She returned to her homeland and started working as a scientific researcher at the Institute of Studies since its establishment (1946), where she studied the fishes of Albania. SHe published several scientific articles in the “Bulletin of the Science Institute” magazine. She collected a rich material about the ichthyology of Albania, on the basis of which he would write a monograph.

On 20.02.1951 she was arrested in connection with the bomb incident at the Soviet embassy together with 21 other people arrested for the same incident. She was shot without trial, on 26.02.1951.

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