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Sofia Cinari’s Remarkable Aviation Achievements


In New York City, a young Albanian-American named Sofia Cinari has achieved remarkable success while proudly embracing her Albanian heritage. As a recent graduate of Aviation Career & Technical High School, Sofia’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not only did she construct an airplane from scratch, but she also left a mark on her school, epitomizing her incredible journey with a runway to inspiration.

Sofia’s deep-rooted connection to her Albanian heritage is unmistakable. She passionately states, “Our pride starts at a young age; it’s a part of our very essence. In fact, whenever I meet someone new, I’m eager to proudly declare my Albanian heritage.” Despite being born outside of Albania, Sofia’s family has instilled a profound appreciation for their roots, ensuring that their children carry forward the rich legacy.

The journey that propelled Sofia to prominence began during her freshman year when she embarked on an awe-inspiring project – the meticulous construction of an airplane from raw sheet metal and rivets. The project not only offered creative liberty but also presented Sofia with a unique opportunity to pay homage to her Albanian heritage. She reminisces, “I chose to hand-paint mine with the Albanian eagle. In fact, you could say I was the trailblazer behind ‘Air Albania.’” Her audacious artistic expression not only showcased her creativity but also earned her the distinguished “Freshman of the Year” award.

As Sofia ascended the academic ranks, her ambition continued to soar. Eventually, she assumed the role of president for one of the school’s most esteemed clubs, where she conceived a visionary project – the creation of a Taxiway/Runway within the confines of one of the school’s halls. After persistent advocacy, she obtained the green light from the school’s Principal. Today, that corridor proudly bears the inspiring mantra “Taxi to Inspiration,” serving as a perpetual source of motivation for generations to come.

Sofia’s narrative extends far beyond personal accolades; it’s a clarion call to inspire others to reach for the stars. She aspires to ignite the curiosity of young minds in aviation, especially among young women. Her journey was not devoid of challenges; she encountered skepticism from some educators and had to address her father’s concerns. Nevertheless, her mother’s unwavering support and her own resolute determination saw her through. Sofia reflects, “This journey has underscored the significance of resilience and unwavering determination in the pursuit of one’s dreams.”

The journey of Sofia Cinari epitomizes the Albanian spirit of tenacity and resilience. She acknowledges the sacrifices her community is willing to make to validate their worth. Her story stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of the Albanian diaspora and the potential that resides in pursuing one’s dreams, regardless of the formidable obstacles that may lie ahead.



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