Shoqata Kraja Association Celebrates 30 Years of Albanian Culture in Staten Island


The Albanian American Association Ulqini celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Shoqata Kraja Association at the Hilton Garden Inn (Staten Island) in Nicotra’s Ballroom, and it was an event filled with pride, culture, and tradition. The celebration was a testament to the mission of the Albanian American Association Ulqini, which is to bring the Albanian-American community together and celebrate Albanian culture and language.

The event was filled with festivities, including the display of a famous painting of the Ulcinj Castle, a symbol that shows the Kraja Association always has a safe harbor within the larger Albanian American community. The painting reminded everyone in attendance of the importance of preserving and celebrating Albanian heritage and culture.

The District Attorney of Richmond County Mike McMahon’s office shared a photo from the event, which showcased the beautiful cultural attire and celebration of music and tradition that filled the Ballroom. It was a wonderful display of the rich Albanian culture that has become an integral part of the Staten Island community.

The celebration of the Shoqata Kraja Association’s 30th anniversary was also a reminder of the importance of community and unity. The Albanian American Association Ulqini has been a driving force behind the growth and development of the Albanian-American community in Staten Island and has created a space where people can come together to celebrate their heritage and traditions.

Staten Island’s Albanian neighbors and their pride in their heritage and borough are yet another reason to love the community. The Albanian-American community’s dedication to preserving their culture and traditions serves as an inspiration to all of us to celebrate and embrace our own unique heritages.

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