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Marko Kepi Launches Senate Campaign in New York


Marko Kepi, one of the most prominent young activists in the Albanian-American community, has embarked on his campaign as he vies for a seat in the New York State Senate. He calls on the entire Albanian community there to join his campaign, which will kick off on Saturday at 10:00 am at the location known as “4 WILLOW” in Staten Island.

“Bring your friends and families, let’s campaign together to win,” Marko Kepi expresses.

The budding New York politician, Marinsi Marko Kepi, officially announced his Republican candidacy for the November 5th general elections, stating that he seeks Republican voters’ support for the NYS Senate assembly.

Earlier, Kepi has expressed his belief that Albanians will vote to ensure their voice is heard in American politics. Marko Kepi immigrated to the USA at a very young age, and his American dream is to bring about change by entering politics.

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