Fjolla – the voice of persons with disabilities in Kosovo and USA


At home, on the road and on the train – despite the different locations, Fjolla Rraci has the same cause in mind. Born and raised in Kosovo, Rraci has been working with people with disabilities for years.

Although she initially developed her activities in Kosovo, now Fjolla lives kilometers away from her birthplace, where she is being trained to offer a better life to people with disabilities.

Fjolla – who is currently living in New Jersey, is being trained and is participating in various congresses on this issue.

“Working with people with disabilities is not work that begins and ends within the walls of the place where you work, the experiences of every day make you think about the behaviors, words, walks, movements, silence, looking at everything around them when you go at home, even when you’re on the train going home to anywhere, you think all the time and try to find solutions to help you for a better and more independent life, where no one points a finger at you,” says Rraci for Atlantiku.

Fjolla emphasizes the sensitivity to work with this category of society, but beyond the difficulties, she says that the progress she sees in them makes her feel more fulfilled.

Rraci tells about her engagement in the United States of America.

“The condition I have set for myself is to educate myself in relation to disability, to be able to become the person I am today and to serve them even better – in America I have participated in many trainings and congresses that have been held for the goal is exactly what I want – the training of people with disabilities and the awareness of the population around them,” she says.

But how is the approach to people with special needs in the United States of America compared to Kosovo?

“Before I came to America, I thought that everywhere in the world is better than in Kosovo in terms of awareness and access to people with disabilities, but I realized that everywhere there is discrimination, ridicule and bad information” says Rraci.

Fjollca Rraci ends her interview by saying that she would not be the same person if she did not deal with people with Down syndrome in Kosovo.

Some time ago, the photo of Fjolla Rraci with Nina Maliqi appeared in Times Square.

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