Albanian-Americans Rise in Law Enforcement: NYPD Detective Commander Kreshnik Bakraqi and NJ State Trooper Elessawy Abdula Sela


The Albanian American Law Enforcement Association – AALEA USA recently extended their congratulations and best wishes to two accomplished members of the Albanian-American community: NYPD Detective Commander Kreshnik Bakraqi and newly graduated New Jersey State Trooper Elessawy Abdula Sela.

Detective Commander Kreshnik Bakraqi, originally from Peja, has achieved a significant success for our professional community by rising through the ranks and being appointed as the Commander of Detectives at the 52nd Precinct. On the other hand, Elessawy Sela became the newest member of our association upon graduating with the highest honors from the New Jersey State Police Academy.

Elton Shametaj, the founder and chairman of the Albanian American Law Enforcement Association, expressed enthusiasm for the successes of his fellow Albanian-Americans Bakraqi and Sela, stating, “Detective Commander Bakraqi comes from a family of patriots and achieves a great accomplishment by becoming the first Albanian-American to receive such a prestigious appointment. Our association and all Albanians should feel proud of the realization of the potential of our outstanding professionals and the dignified representation they provide as members of the professional community.

“At the same time, our community continues to increase representation in American law enforcement institutions, as evidenced by the dedication and commitment of newcomer Abdula. We all wish him success in his newly launched career and eagerly await his contribution as a member of the police force, as well as within our association.”

The success of Detective Commander Bakraqi and Trooper Sela is not only a personal triumph but also a reflection of the strength and potential of the Albanian-American community. It highlights the dedication and determination of Albanian-Americans to pursue excellence in their chosen fields and represent their community with pride and honor.

The Albanian American Law Enforcement Association serves as a platform for Albanian-American professionals in law enforcement to network, support each other, and celebrate their successes. It also serves as a bridge between the Albanian-American community and law enforcement institutions, facilitating communication and understanding between the two groups.

As we congratulate Detective Commander Bakraqi and Trooper Sela, we also celebrate the diversity and success of the Albanian-American community in law enforcement and beyond. Their accomplishments serve as an inspiration to all of us to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions to our communities.

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