Albanian-American Officers Shine in NYPD Promotions Ceremony


In a proud celebration of diversity and achievement, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) recently held a remarkable promotions ceremony, shining a spotlight on the exceptional contributions of Albanian-American officers. The ceremony, which took place in College Point, Queens, served as a testament to the NYPD’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent from diverse backgrounds within its ranks.

Amidst applause and admiration, a total of 146 uniformed officers were honored for their outstanding service and dedication to upholding the law and ensuring public safety. Among these deserving officers, the achievements of Albanian-Americans stood out, demonstrating the significant impact they have had within the NYPD. Their promotions underscore the department’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and representative workforce, where officers from all cultural backgrounds are appreciated and celebrated.

Jacqueline Marku, an exemplary officer known for her unwavering commitment, was promoted to the esteemed position of detective, a recognition of her relentless efforts in serving the community. Similarly, Mikeljan Agolli’s exceptional skills and dedication were rewarded with a promotion to the rank of Detective 2nd Grade. Their success serves as an inspiration not only to the Albanian-American community but to aspiring officers from all walks of life, proving that hard work and merit are valued and rewarded within the NYPD.

As the NYPD continues its mission to protect and serve the diverse communities of New York City, it is evident that a representative police force plays a crucial role in building trust and ensuring effective law enforcement. The promotions ceremony’s focus on Albanian-Americans serves as a powerful message of support and encouragement, affirming that their contributions are integral to creating a safer and more harmonious city for all residents.

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