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Albanian-American Attorney Warns of Socialism Creeping into America


Peter Lumaj, an Albanian immigrant who has built a successful career as an attorney in the United States, is sounding the alarm about the potential rise of socialism in America. He cautions that failed government policies are bringing socialism to the country “whether we like it or not,” drawing parallels to his own experiences in communist Albania.

Lumaj’s concerns come amidst an increasing backlog of pending U.S. immigration cases, which have surged to over 2 million in FY 2023. He believes that the current liberal policies being implemented in the United States closely resemble those that were in place in Eastern Europe three decades ago. Lumaj argues that these policies have never been successful anywhere in the world and that socialism can only be implemented through brutal force against the population.

He recounted the harrowing experiences of his own family when they decided to escape Albania. His father was arrested and tortured to death by government agents for not notifying them of the family’s plans. It took years before the family could reunite in the U.S. and finally become citizens.

Lumaj is critical of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, which he believes are enticing illegal immigrants to come to the United States for the benefits rather than the American dream. He is not alone in voicing these concerns. Retired Navy SEAL Thomas “Drago” Dzieran, who fled Soviet-occupied Poland, has also expressed fears about the rise of socialism in America.

Dzieran points to the erosion of traditional values and moral decay in American culture as evidence that socialism is already infiltrating the country. He believes that the only way to bring down the United States is from within, as external forces would not be capable of doing so.

Both Lumaj and Dzieran urge vigilance in the face of efforts to suppress faith, patriotism, and family values, which they see as warning signs of disastrous changes to come. Despite his concerns, Lumaj remains optimistic about the American dream and the opportunities the country has to offer.

“The American dream is achievable and it’s still out there,” he said. “America is the greatest country in the world.”

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