A Street in Brooklyn Will Soon Be Named “Mother Teresa”


Six years ago, pride surged through the hearts and veins of Albanian-Americans as they watched then-Albanian President, Bujar Nishani, unveil a statue of Mother Teresa in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn.

Hundreds of people had gathered for the ceremony outside the Catholic Church of St. Athanasius, where the figure of the founder of the Missionaries of Charity was placed cradling a child in her arms.

Now, on the anniversary of this ceremony, there’s some another good news for the community.

Senator Marty Golden announced that a street in Brooklyn will be named “Mother Teresa” in the coming months.

“Six years ago, my office in coordination with Marko Kepi and the Community Organization Albanian Roots – Rrënjët Shqiptare proudly unveiled the statue of Saint Teresa (Mother Teresa). I am proud to co-support the naming of the street “Mother Teresa” in the coming months. Congratulations to the Albanian-American community for honoring our great saint!” he wrote on Facebook.

Approval for the street name was received 4 years ago.

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