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“Logu i Bjeshkëve”: Uniting Albanian Americans and Homeland in the Albanian Alps


Nestled within the scenic expanse of the Great Highland of Malësia, “Logu i Bjeshkëve” stands as a captivating annual event that unites people from diverse corners of the world. This cherished tradition brings together the residents of Kelmend with Albanian diaspora members residing predominantly in the United States, as well as individuals hailing from far-flung Albanian territories such as Tuzi, Trieshi, Plavë-Gucia, and even Kosovo. Against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, this event is a testament to the unbreakable bonds that culture and heritage forge among people.

Recently, “Logu i Bjeshkëve” achieved a significant milestone by being included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This recognition elevates the event’s importance and celebrates its role in preserving and promoting the intangible aspects of cultural heritage. From traditional attire to vibrant dances and melodious songs, the event serves as a vibrant tapestry that weaves the past with the present. This acknowledgment by UNESCO underscores the event’s vital contribution to safeguarding the unique cultural identity of the region.

At the heart of “Logu i Bjeshkëve” is the vibrant competition to crown “Miss Bjeshkën,” a symbol of beauty and grace that transcends the physical. This competition, steeped in local tradition, becomes a stage where the essence of the community’s collective identity and pride shines brightly. The event encapsulates the power of tradition to bring together people from across time and space, fostering unity, understanding, and an appreciation for the cultural richness that defines the Albanian Alps.

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