An Albanian School Will Be Opening Soon In Des Moines, Iowa


An Albanian school is expected to open very soon in Des Moines, Iowa. This will happen after numerous requests from the Albanian community living there.

The news was made public by the Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo in Iowa through a post on Facebook:

Dear compatriots,

We inform you that at the request of the Albanian community living in Des Moines/Iowa, the establishment of an Albanian Language School is in the process for all Albanians living in Iowa.

Seeing the increasing trends of the settlement of Albanians in this part, it is considered that such a thing is necessary, that is, to organize our community here as much as possible, in order to preserve our language, culture and traditions in the USA.

As a consular mission, together with the community, we are in the planning phase, therefore a space has been found where classes can take place during the weekend.

A qualified teacher has been engaged by the American Albanian Alliance, who has expressed her willingness to develop courses for two hours every Saturday, the same one practicing the profession of Teaching Assistant, in a public school in Des Moines /Iowa.

Therefore, we call on Albanian families who express interest in registering their children, starting from March I of 2023 for a period of three months.

All of you who are ready for your children to start learning Albanian, please send the parents’ data and the children’s data (name, surname, date of birth) to:, or to every business day (Monday – Friday) from 8:00-4:00 via e-mail:, or official phone: 515.875.4944.

Address: 309 Court Avenue, Suite 223, Des Moines, Iowa  50309.


Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo in Iowa/USA!

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